Sean (spclsd223) wrote,

Since LiveJournal is no longer the primary outlet for my ideas and writings ...

... I might as well make an official 'hiatus' post, declaring the likelihood that I won't really be making any more posts here for the time being (and admitting the reality that I've already pretty much abandoned it, for a long time now).

I still plan in the future to go back through my LJ archives and collect old essays and entries for some sort of publication, someday. But the real place to go nowadays if you wish to hear me express my views in that wonderful mixture of barely controlled ranting and rigourous rational criticism -- laced with acid wit and mind-expanding imagery, and intricately woven into all sorts of complex coördinate and subordinate clauses and modifying phrases -- that I have come to master is my Facebook page. That is where all the previous entries here for a number of months have been copied from, and that is my primary intellectual outlet these days.

So, the best way to continue worshipping me is to head on over to

, if you haven't already. (Sorry, I really had no other place to put that comma given the way the URL was set off from the rest of the paragraph.)

I'm a slut for friends, so anyone who hasn't sent me a request yet, feel very free. I am a slut and not a whore because I don't do it for money -- I do it just for the love of the feeling. Which is not to say that any offers of financial recompense will be turned down.
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